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The Guild of the Cowry Catchers (Pirates of Wefrivain Book 1) Audiobook + Exclusive Bonus Comic

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Narrated by a Full Cast (40 voice actors) - 18.5 Hours

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Gerard lost his birthright in his small island kingdom when he married the court minstrel. He fled to the only place that offered protection from his father and his vengeful local deity—the service of the High Priestess.

Unfortunately, his superior officer, Silveo, takes an instant disliking to Gerard. Silveo has a reputation for cruelty, cunning, and a biting wit. Rumors claim that he was once an assassin, who clawed his way to power from a childhood of poverty and abuse.

In spite of their differences, the Priestess insists that Gerard and Silveo cooperate to destroy the charismatic pirate, Gwain, and his mysterious organization, the Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Gwain has been killing off the Temple Police for years, and he seems likely to make a swift end of Gerard...if Silveo doesn't do it first.

Pirates of Wefrivain is an epic fantasy saga that includes LGBT+ themes, polyamory, dragons, sassy anti-heroes, characters overcoming a history of abuse, true love, talking cats, and outrageous clothing. Mature audiences only.

Bonus Comic: At one point in the misty past, I conspired with my friend and artist, Rah, to make a Cowry Catchers comic. This effort was short-lived, as we soon realized that we did not have the staying power for such a massie project.

We finished one short story, "Professionals," and that at least I could sell on its own (you can buy it separately). But we also finished the first chapter of Cowry Catchers, and I never knew what to do with that. I had it on my website for years, but I feel like it attracts people who want to read comics and are disappointed when the comic does not continue. So I took it down.

And now here it is for your enjoyment! Just first chapter, folks, but its really pretty. This is only avaliable as a PDF, delivered by Bookfunnel.
You will get a TXT (669B) file

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