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The Art of Cowry Catchers - Hard Cover - Signed by Rah and Abbie

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In January of 2007, Abigail Hilton emailed an artist she had never met to commission a few illustrations for a story she hadn’t finished. The artist was Sarah (Rah) Cloutier. The story was The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. Over the next seven years, Cowry Catchers grew to a five-book series and became a fullcast audio production, involving forty voice actors and music from many musicians. The story was released first as a podcast, then as an audio book. It was also beautifully illustrated. Some of the illustrations were made available online and in the ebooks, though never in high resolution. Other images are released for the first time here. A few pieces were created specifically for this book, such as a full character lineup in watercolor and a lavish set of paper dolls.

Note: This is the Hardcover, signed by both Rah and Abbie

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