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Distraction (Hunters Universe Book 3) Audiobook

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Narrated by Rish Outfield - 5 Hours

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Ever since Roup and Halvery helped take Charder to the Ghost Wood, Roup has noticed a curious tension between them. After working closely with Halvery all spring in order to improve the common way trails, Roup finally talks to Arcove about the situation and gets permission to experiment a little.

At the same time, Halvery is dealing with an officer who seems to be a spy from the Southern Mountains. He presents the problem to Roup, who immediately begins a high-stakes game of espionage with a dangerous opponent. As move follows countermove, Halvery becomes increasingly enmeshed in both Roup’s schemes and Roup’s personal life.

Their project brings them into contact with friends both new and old, including Arcove, Keesha, Lyndi, Storm, Storm’s yearling foal, and Halvery’s mates. As Roup and Halvery’s friendship deepens, they both learn surprising things about each other and their shared history.

However, not all differences can be overcome by affection and mutual grooming. Halvery and Roup have brought out the worst in each other in the past, and their fundamental differences remain unchanged. When their opposing character flaws combust at the worst possible moment, they risk losing not just their friendship, but their lives.

This is Book 3 in the Hunters Universe. Reading order is:

Huners Unlucky



Arcove's Bright Side

Bonus: This book includes the short story “Hungry,” which was previously sold separately. “Hungry” is a prequel story. Arcove and Roup are adolescent cubs, living as rogues on the edge of Leeshwood. Roup grew up among the ferryshaft and is still adjusting to life with his own kind. One night, they have a particularly violent encounter with other cubs, and Roup learns more than he had expected about social life among the creasia.

This download also includes Abbie’s notes from the original Hunters Unlucky rewrite. This novella-length document is only available with Hunters books purchased directly from the author. It does not have an audio version.

Warning: Distraction contains explicit scenes and is not for children. Most of these scenes are sweet, considerate, and even humorous. However, all stories have a darkest moment, and the one in Distraction is pretty dark. It involves some bad sex. The sex is consensual, but nobody is having fun. The scene is not highly detailed, nor is it lengthy. The book ends with love and compassion.
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