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Missed You - Audio + eBook + Bonus Content

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Narrated by Lauren Harris - 30 minutes, includes eBook

Azrael leaves the Shrouded Isle for a few weeks to deal with a difficult dimplomatic situation on the edge of the Shattered Sea. He returns intent on finding solutions in a complex dispute. Mal and Jessica have other ideas.

This story occurs shortly after the end of Incubus Yule (Book 4). However, there are no spoilers for anything beyond Incubus Bonded (Book 2). Like the Incubus novels, this story contains explicit scenes.

Bonus: This download also includes a short cut-scene from Incubus Bonded. This is Azrael's internal reaction to Mal's bargain in Book 2. It includes an author's note about why I cut it. This is for people who read the book. It is available only in text. No audio for this one.

Finally, this download includes an essay about the dynamics between Mal, Jessica, and Azrael in the Incubus novels. It was written after Book 4. It is intended for people who have already read the books. This is text-only.

You will get a TXT (669B) file

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