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"Professionals" Comic - eBook + Bonus Story

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Silveo is a teenaged assassin. He's small and pretty, and he always gets his target. This time, though, he's in way over his head. "Professionals" is a fairly dark story, not intended for children.

The original short story appears (in text) in The Guild of the Cowry Catchers. The artist for this comic is Sarah (Rah) Cloutier. You can enjoy the comic without having read the related books. This story is not intended for children.

28 pages, black and white comic, delivered in PDF by Bookfunnel. First page looks like this:

Bonus story - Blood of the Dawn

The wolfling Talis travels through the jungle with her maimed pegasus mount, Excelsior. He is having trouble aclimating to his injury—unable to find peace in the air or on the ground. When they have a life-threatening encounter with a colonary of blood bats, he finally gains the courage to ask Talis to do the unthinkable and rid him of his old life forever.

This text-based story includes an author's note, explaining its publication history and how it fits into the rest of the panamindorah mythos. You can read this without having read any of the other books.

You will get a TXT (854B) file

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