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Adagio - Signed Paperback

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This is a pre-order! I've ordered the books and expect to receive them some time in January.

Chance and Sham have been writing music together all winter, sending pages back and forth between Danda-lay and Sardor-de-lor. At last, Sham comes to Danda-lay for business at the wolfling embassy. He and Chance meet to talk about their composition and a lot more besides. This gay romance short story can be enjoyed even if you have not read the related novels.

This collection includes six stories related to The Prophet of Panamindorah novels. Five of these were published in a collection called “Crossroads” in 2010. “Adagio” is new with this edition. The stories include: A Cat Prince Distinguishes Himself, On the Edge, Distraction, Hualien, Night in the Crystal City, and Adagio.

Please note: Some of these stories are more adult than the related novels.

106 Pages, includes a map and species sketches

The book will be signed by Abbie. Don't forget to tell her if you want a personalized signature! You'll see a form at check out. If you don't see it, email Abbie at

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