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Incubus Yule (The Incubus Series Book 4), Signed Paperback

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Jessica, Mal, and Azrael are about to celebrate their first Yule as a married triad. They've invited all their favorite people to dinner. Azrael is enjoying the chance to play in his new kitchen. He tries out a special cookie recipe on Jessica with unexpected results.

Meanwhile, Mal takes Tod on a hunt for a Yuletide goose. Solstice geese migrate between the worlds, and they're supposed to be delicious. Unfortunately, hunting them can be dangerous. In the end, Tod and Mal bring home an uninvited guest that no one expected.

The Incubus series is an MMF fantasy romance with lots of steamy scenes. Adults only!

132 Pages

The book will be signed by Abbie. Don't forget to tell her if you want a personalized signature! You'll see a form at check out. If you don't see it, email Abbie at

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