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Arcove's Bright Side (Hunters Universe Book 4) - eBook

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This is Book 4 in the Hunters Universe

Halvery has always been a bit of a curmudgeon. He’s been an alpha for most of his life and has never tolerated familiarity from underlings. As a result, he has few friends. Nevertheless, Halvery’s social circle has broadened recently, thanks to Roup’s relentless efforts. Now, he finds himself in the unsettling role of mentor to junior council members, teacher to ferryshaft foals, and a lot closer than he ever thought he’d get to Arcove.

Halvery isn’t sure what to make of all this, but he’s decided that the world needs more of Roup’s golden fur. He uses his new contacts and influence in pursuit of this goal, surprising everyone with his tenacity. Along the way, he gets to know Caraca, Lyndi, and even Nadine better than he expected.

Meanwhile, Roup is still trying to communicate with Dazzle. The situation in the Southern Mountains has deteriorated. Thistle’s cats are fighting for their lives with Sedaron’s ferryshaft, and Roup would still like to help.

Arcove isn’t about to let Roup have another solitary encounter with Thistle’s creasia. He has taken the situation into his own purview, much to Roup’s annoyance. When Thistle finally sends a desperate cry for help, Arcove and Roup have the most serious disagreement in their long partnership. They are still on poor terms when they take an expedition into the Southern Mountains in early spring.

However, the situation is more complicated than even Roup guessed. The thread of goodwill he created with Dazzle could save their lives or it could lure them into a deadly trap. Halvery suspects the latter, but he has no intention of letting them die alone. If Arcove and Roup are going to get themselves killed in the mountains, Halvery would rather go with them.

Note: This book has more of an action/adventure plot than Distraction. It includes a few explicit scenes and is not intended for children. All the sex in Bright Side is kind and considerate.

Length: 140,000 words (3.5x the lenght of Distraction)
Extras: 2 maps, size chart, author notes on select chapters

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