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The Sea (The Knight and the Necromancer - Book 3), Signed Paperback


Enthralled - eBook and Audiobook


Enthralled, Signed Paperback


Spring in the Haunted Forest - Audio + eBook


Incubus Caged (Incubus Series Book 1) - Audiobook


Incubus Caged (Incubus Series Book 1), Signed Paperback


Incubus Bonded (Incubus Series Book 2) - Audiobook


Incubus Bonded (The Incubus Series Book 2), Signed Paperback


Incubus Dreaming (Incubus Series Book 3) - Audiobook


Incubus Dreaming (The Incubus Series Book 3), Signed Paperback


Incubus Yule (Incubus 4) - Audiobook


Incubus Yule (The Incubus Series Book 4), Signed Paperback


Incubus Boxed (Omnibus of Books 1-4), Signed Paperback


Incubus Boxed - Books 1-4 - Audiobook


Missed You - Audio + eBook + Bonus Content


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