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Hunters Unlucky (Hunters Universe Book 1), Signed Paperback

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He's not bigger. He's not faster. He's not meaner. So he'd better be smarter.

One clear night on the Island of Lidian, two friends fought to the death over other people's ideas. Or perhaps a villain killed a hero. Or perhaps a hero won. It depends on who you ask. Everyone agrees on this - the ferryshaft lost a war, and they've had a hard time ever since.

Twelve years later, Storm is born into a world of secrets - an island no one visits, names no one will say, and deaths that no one will talk about. Something about Storm bothers his elders, but nobody will explain. Storm doesn't know much, but he does know two things: everyone expects him to die, and he is going to prove them wrong.

Hunters Unlucky is an animal epic that comes to a satisfying conclusion in a single volume. However, if you want to keep following the characters, the series does continue. This is Book 1 in the Hunters Universe.

694 Pages, including maps and character sketches

The book will be signed by Abbie. Don't forget to tell her if you want a personalized signature! You'll see a form at check out. If you don't see it, email Abbie at

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