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The Cormorant (Pirates of Wefrivain Book 5), Signed Paperback

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Despair is easy. Hope is hard.

Gerard and Silveo have joined forces with Gwain to find Gwain’s father in the distant Pendalon Mountains. Leopaard Maijha was driven from his home as a result of their actions, and they want to deliver the message that it’s safe to return. They’ve sailed from the Small Kingdoms in company with the airship Cormorant, but plan to part ways in the Sunkissed Isles.

Goodbyes on the peaceful tropical beaches will be bittersweet, and everyone is looking forward to some time in port before departure. However, a deposed grishnard king has turned up in the Sunkissed Isles with gold, soldiers, and a desire to retake his kingdom. He thinks an airship will be the perfect tool for the job…if he can only find a way to control her captain, Silas Ackleby.

Pirates of Wefrivain is an epic fantasy saga that includes LGBT+ themes, polyamory, dragons, sassy anti-heroes, characters overcoming a history of abuse, true love, talking cats, and outrageous clothing. Mature audiences only.

760 Pages, includes a map and species sketches

The book will be signed by Abbie. Don't forget to tell her if you want a personalized signature! You'll see a form at check out. If you don't see it, email Abbie at

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